Bed Pins came about after many frustrated mornings making my kids beds. This unique product was a solution to one of my “mum life” dilemmas, which was waking up to the kids doona rolled up and the corners lost in the middle of the covers each morning.

With 100’s of other things to deal with each day, taking longer to make the beds was not something I wanted.

Unlike other quilt grippers / doona clips, Bed Pins are held together securely and need to be removed with a strong magnet.

Bed Pins now keep my families doona corners secure inside their cover. Originally for my kid’s bed, I have now realised Bed Pins are not just for kids.

These doona pins are an everyday item on my own bed.

Yay! Less fights with hubby over the doona cover. Even my mum likes them on her bedding.


 wi,Bed Pins  are also great in winter to pin sheets to blankets to keep everything together. Plus they are perfect for those cheaper slippery non cotton kids quilt covers you are forced to buy because of the characters on them that your kids really love.

Bed Pins has proven to be a winning product for all ages in my household, I hope your household likes them too.



P.S. We are a small Australian business, and our pins are packaged in Melbourne often with the help of the two little kids who inspired the product.

My children have also inspired a range of  other family products that can be found at our sister site.

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