BED pins

Say goodbye to lost doonas corners in the cover with our award winning product.



Proudly 2023 She-com awards Kids Bedding product of the year.
Bed pins, duvet clips, quilt grippers, Bed Sheet Fasteners, Doona Holder Gripper Keeper

Whether you call it a quilt, duvet, doona, comforter, or on top of bed blanket thingy, nothing is more annoying than bedding that keeps twisting, bunching up, having an inside that slips down the cover, or corners that don’t stay in place. 

These cleverly designed award winnings Bed Pins solve that issue.  

Buy your set today, and make bed making as easy as 1,2,3.

The Pin: Simply put the pin through the material you want to pin together.

The Cap: Place the cap on the pin and it will hold in place.

The Magnet: To remove, simply use the magnetic key to remove the cap.

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